Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jason's Birthday Cake

On July 4th my husband celebrated his (I won't the his age) Birthday! Last year I made him a Mario Bros. themed cake and wanted to stay with that theme this year as well. I had an idea ready but unfortunately didn't have the time to get it done (hopefully next year. So I typed "Mario Cakes" into a Google image search hoping I could find something easier to do then what I had planned. I came across a very cool picture of an 8-bit Mario made out of cupcakes and thought "I can do that!"

I made 141 mini cupcakes in three different flavors: Vanilla Funfetti, Carrot, and Dark Chocolate. I used boxed cake mix but made my own butter cream icing that I dyed the appropriate colors and laid it all out on our coffee table. Thankfully we had friends and family over to help us eat these cupcakes.

Here is Jason with his friend Ryan whose birthday is also July 4th. The two of them have literally known each other and been friends since birth! They think their moms shared a hospital room when they were born.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Jason's Birthday Cake!

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