Friday, June 3, 2011

Going to the Dogs

My friend Traci (a wonderful baker!) recently asked me if I would be interested in donating some baked goods for a bake sale benefiting a local spay and neuter clinic for rescue animals. Of course I was!

First I made a batch of No Bake Cookies. I have learned that these yummy morsels seem to be a Midwest, country treat. When I first met my city born and bred husband, he had never even heard of these! But after the first time I made a batch for him, he has never looked back.

I also made a batch of brownie bites. I took a store bought brownie mix and followed the directions for a chewy brownie. I also replaced the water with room temperature, brewed coffee. I baked them in mini muffin cups and once they were cool I drizzled them with melted chocolate.

Now if I could tug on your heartstrings a bit........

Have you ever thought about a rescue dog? We did and she is wonderful! We adopted our Lucky dog 3 years ago when our local Humane Society discovered over 120 dogs living in one house. When we heard about this, my husband and I just knew we had to do something. And so did the community. Droves of people donated money, supplies and their time. And all the dogs found homes. Here are some pictures of Lucky and our equally loved and spoiled Sheltie Chloe.


  1. I wish I could rescue every dog in the whole world. I'd take them all!!

    Thanks for baking with me!!

  2. I know, isn't it sad....We were watching Lady and the Tramp with Sam and I hate the part where she gets taken to the pound and all the dogs there are sad and crying...