Thursday, October 21, 2010

Decorated Pumpkin Cake

My husband had some out of town relatives come for a visit and we had everyone over to our house one night for dinner. I made this cake for dessert and was happy for a chance to use my pumpkin-shaped cake pan again.

I used a boxed, cinnamon flavored cake mix and made a cinnamon flavored frosting to decorate it with. I used a medium-sized star tip and just covered it in "dots" of frosting using a pastry bag. Since I used a shaped cake pan, all I had to do was follow the lines that were baked right into the cake and you can get it decorated in no time at all. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it half as much as we enjoyed eating it!

We also took all the little ones to a pumpkin patch. We had fun showing our little girl pumpkins and looking at all the little animals. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

As you can see, the younger ones were more interested in checking out the pumpkins then looking at the camera.

Here is a link to the pumpkin shaped cake pan I have off of Wilton's website: Jack-O-Lantern-Pan

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  1. Love your cake, and the pics of the kids are TOOOOO cute!!!