Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baptism Cake

A month ago, my best friend Kelli and her husband Dan had a baby boy named David. Kelli and I have been friends since 7th grade and its so great our children are so close in age. This past Sunday, Kelli and Dan had David baptized and I offered to make a cake for their family dinner after the church service. I took a cake decorating class in high school and really enjoyed it. During college I had a hard time finding time to pursue this hobby and once I met my husband-to-be and had no extra time to play around with cake decorating. I finally got back into cake decorating this past summer when I made a cake for my husband's 30th birthday and realized how much I missed it! When Kelli told me they were having David baptized, I jumped at the opportunity to make another cake.

I don't think I do too bad for an amateur cake decorator, what do you think? I saw the idea for this cake on Wilton's website when looking through their religious section. Here is the original cake: Wilton- Blessed Little One. I just love Wilton's website. I'm always looking through the pages and just marveling at all the beautiful desserts they come up with.

In all, we had a good dinner, good dessert and good company joining Kelli and Dan and their family for David's Baptism. And my daughter Samantha got to spend some time getting to know her new little friend.



  1. It's very cute!!! I will have to go through my cake decorating stuff and see if there's anything I can give you. I used to have a bunch of shaped pans, but I don't know if I kept them. I will look!! Love the pics of the guys and babies!!!

  2. That would be great! And we thought the guys looked too cute playing with the babies.